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Forklifts are used to lift and carry heavy loads at the working spots like warehouses, shipping yards and in many places where there is need for tons of loads to be handled. From time to time, Diesel forklifts have proved their worth and have come to stay in the industry permanently. No one can deny the fact the results obtained with diesel forklift engines are amazing. Through this piece of writing, Let’s explore the growing popularity of these machineries. Forklifts equipped with diesel engines have […]

The forklift truck has been around since the 1960s as an invaluable part of any business. With over 250,000 trucks being sold every year their popularity continues to grow. With three fuel types to choose from, we look at why you should consider a gas-powered fork lift for your next purchase. What Are The Options? Forklift trucks can have three power options; electric, diesel or gas. Let’s consider the relative merits of each. Electric Forklifts Electric forklifts have a high initial outlay compared to gas forklifts for sale or hire due to the high cost of […]

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