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Learning how to drive can sometimes be difficult if the instructor provides a generalized approach to all beginners.  The driving instructors in Derby  | Andy1st driving school employs will adjust to your needs to fit the driving lessons into your life.  Different people have different learning capacity that needs to be considered by driving instructors.   Andy1st driving school instructors will listen to you and analyze the best way for you to learn how to drive.  Their ability to adjust to different personality types and learning capacity will […]

The racing industry is buzzing with talk of a new 200 BHP motorcycle that features top-end technology only found in F1 vehicles. There are many hype-inducing announcements similar to this each year, but this one is different. The company boasting of the future superbike is no other than Lotus Motors; the luxury car marque synonymous with speed and exclusivity. One thing is certain – The Lotus C-01 will have an astronomically high price tag. motorcycle insurance here in the UK is fairly comprehensive, but we wonder who would be willing to insure such a high-priced bike! The financially challenged company has announced the project, which is their first foray into two wheeled machines. A press release bursting with hype and buzz-words was released to the motoring press recently, but here are some interesting facts to consider when reading between the lines. The Designer Daniel Simon is the darling of motorcycle futurists and concept artists thanks to his design work on the Disney film Tron: Legacy. You may recall the beautiful lines of the iconic light-cycle, which was the centrepiece of an exciting chase and battle scene. He also worked with Hollywood to create the distinctive bubbleship from Tom Cruise’s sci-fi movie Oblivion. In addition to his movie design duties, Daniel has worked with Bugatti in a designer role and has created the eye-catching black & gold livery of the current Lotus Le Mans Prototype (LMP). Daniel said in the recent C-01 press release that the team have only one goal with the project: to make a distinctive state-of-the-art motorcycle that delivers extreme power with grace and style. It will be a futuristic beats in a 3 piece suit. He went on to say that despite all of the cutting-edge components and space-age materials in the design, it will be obviously have the Lotus heritage. Lotus is a prestige name with a storied history, and the C-01 will be an icon of this rich heritage. When asked further about the design, he said that the design of the iconic Lotus 49 will be a big influence, and the colour scheme will feature the distinctive black and gold colours that are linked with the Lotus brand. For many industry pundits, the inclusion of Daniel Simon on the Lotus motorcycle project team is enough to guarantee interest, but there are some other interesting and notable factors on the engineering and manufacturing sides of the program too. Kodewa Kodewa are the team responsible for putting together the current T128 Le Mans Prototype for Lotus, and while not busy working on the new motorcycle project are busy running the LMP in the FIA Word Endurance Championship. Their in-depth knowledge of F1 technology is being put to good use in the Lotus C-01 project, with a 200BHP engine being promised for the anticipated bike. Their F1 design and tuning history can also be found in the use of space-aged materials such as carbon, titanium and aerospace quality steel components. Holzer Group The Holzer Group is made up of members from Kodewa along with industry experts, and will collaborate closely in the design and manufacture of the Lotus C-01. It’s the Holzer Groups responsibility to turn all of the futuristic materials, F1 spec engine and amazing design work of Daniel Simon into a cohesive end result.

Getting your car regularly serviced is important, as it means that you can spot small problems before they can become more serious; at the same time, you can potentially lower your insurance premiums by demonstrating a commitment to regularly maintaining and repairing your car. Many dealers  also offer schemes that allow you to receive servicing deals at reduced rates, and at the right intervals. How often, then, is practical to get your car serviced? The first thing you should do is check your car’s manual for […]

Before I discovered Interstate trailers at TrailersPlus, I was unable to find the best dealer with cargo trailers for sale. Now, I have no problems. Basically, Interstate trailers at TrailersPlus is a enclosed cargo trailer product which enables you to cary your atv, tools, landscape equipment etc. iwith security and safety by keeping everything organized and protected. Interstate trailers at TrailersPlus differs from competitors because you can buy the cargo trailers at factory direct prices from 38 stores accross the country. This is very important […]

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