Road Safety as a Motorist

It is the responsibility of all the road users to keep the road safe no matter if you are a driver or a pedestrian. You can be a driver of a car, a truck, a lorry or a bus, it is necessary for you to exercise patience when you are on the road and driving. Your activity can be directly proportional to the safety of yourself along with the other road users. As a motorist, you are obliged to follow all the rules and regulations of the traffic while on the road. Please keep in mind that following simple traffic rules will enhance the safety of all the motorist. There are some certain safety measures that you can keep in your mind while you are driving. These safety measures for the motorist are discussed in brief below.

Drive defensive, not aggressive

Being a driver it is compulsory for you to be a defensive driver rather than someone who drives reckless while on the road. It is the advantage for all the road users if you are a defensive driver. Few important tips for defensive drivers can be

  • Please bear in your mind that there are road hazards present everywhere while you drive
  • Make yourself prepared to take necessary action when the users on the road do not follow the rule.
  • Try avoiding collisions and make way for other drivers so that their mistakes are corrected.
  • Always be proactive and look out for traffic signs while you are on the road.
  • Check your vehicle properly before hitting the road to avoid any mechanical error or failure

Drive based on the road condition

Your control of the vehicle becomes firm when you drive based on the road condition. You must be able to safely respond to any difficult or hazardous road condition. Below are the few difficult conditions you may face while driving.

  • You might come across roadworks / construction sites.
  • There might be an accident scene.
  • You might come across oil patches or slippery condition.
  • While driving your vehicle may face scattered debris or sandy stretches.
  • There are chances of bad weather while you are on the road as well.

You must pay extra attention when you are entering any school area, crowded areas like a bus station, while you are passing vehicles that are parked along the roadside and much more. Do not hesitate to slow down, give any signal or pull over when you come across any filthy road condition while driving.

Familiarize yourself with your vehicle

You must have complete control of your vehicle to have a safe trip. In order to have that you must familiarize yourself with your vehicle completely. Learn about the controls of the vehicle so that you can use them easily while any danger. Try to drive your vehicle at a speed that is safe and controllable. Be a smart citizen and always leave the way to emergency vehicle. The most important part of being safe motorist learn traffic rules and regulation and try following them whenever you are on the steering.