How to Maintain a Car During Winter

When driving a car during winter there are a few things every driver needs to pay attention to. wants to share a few tips you need to know of when driving in winter.

Install winter tires on all four wheels

For maximum security and control of your vehicle in cold weather, install winter tires on all four wheels. For better performance when driving many people put winter tires only on the rear axle. While this sounds good, it will not provide optimal grip, optimal performance is not the optimal level of security.

Installing winter tires on the front axle can reduce the level of grip of the rear tires. Also, there is a risk of skidding of the vehicle (for vehicles with rear-wheel drive) or skidding in curves (vehicles with front or rear wheels).

Controlling tire pressure

When it becomes colder, tire pressure decreases. If for example the tire is inflated to 2 bar (29 psi) at 20 ° C, the pressure may amount to only 1.8 bar (26 psi) at a temperature of 0 ° C. The pressure in your tires should be controlled in cold weather, the pressure should be kept to a value recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

When adjusting the pressure while the tires are cold (temperature of the tire at room temperature), set the value of the pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

If the pressure is set in a warm garage or workshop, add 0.2 bar (3 psi) more to the value of pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. That way you will compensate for low temperature and drive with properly inflated tires.

Maintenance of the car in winter

The best time to prepare your car for the upcoming cold months is at least one month before the winter season begins. If you have never driven on snow, ice, gravel and salt sprinkled roads, you should know that these conditions can damage your car. Your windshield can suffer from thermal shock because it underwent freezing temperatures outside and the intense heat from the inside. If possible, cover the windshield during the winter months on the inside and the outside.


Small dots on your windshield can quickly turn into a big crack during winter. Therefore, fix the windshield before the winter season begins. Doing so could lead to a situation where it must be replaced, which can be very expensive.

When do you need to use snow chains?

Snow chains are used when there isa buildup of snow. For example, if you are traveling on a ski slope you have to put chains.If you do not have snow chains, experienced traders will be happy to advise you on which are the most suitable chains for your vehicle depending on the tire size.

Follow these simple tips to maintain your car during winter. Pay attention to every problem that occurs, because it may cost you a lot.