Why Houston should be your Next Vacation?

What kind of a holiday do you prefer- relaxing or thrilling? Do you want to spend your holiday lazing around completely for recreational purposes? Or do you want to actively explore a place and experience the local culture and habits? There is one city in Texas that offers something for every kind of traveler. That city is Houston.

Earlier, this city was only known for its skyscrapers; a popular industrial hub and commercial centre. But off late, it has undergone a booming cultural change. You have some of the most renowned art galleries, restored mid-century designs and architecture, swarming restaurants with exotic food, trendiest fashion stores, a lot of greenery and pretty neighborhoods, in this sprawling city of the United States. So whether you want to explore historical sites, natural areas or even the beautiful Texas coastline, you have it all not only in Houston but also around it.

Here’s why Houston should be the next stop on your vacation list:

Exploring Downtown

If you are fond of watching theatres or visiting the museum, Downtown Houston will come across as a very interesting place to you. There are a number of mouth-watering restaurants, enlightening museums, intriguing theatres etc. Apart from that, there are impressive skyscrapers in Downtown. Most of the buildings are connected through the Downtown Tunnel System so it is quite an experience to witness it for the first time all by yourself. You can also visit the Chase Tower, the tallest building in Texas and see the sights from the observatory on the 60th floor.

Going around Uptown

If you want to explore some of the most popular shopping destinations in Houston, you must go to the Uptown area, otherwise known as The Galleria Area. You can find many nationally acclaimed brands and small boutiques here. The only skyscraper not located in the Downtown area, The Williams Tower finds a place in this part of Houston. Apart from all that, a wide variety of amazing restaurants, bars and nightclubs are a signature of Uptown Houston.

Tasting Exquisite Food

Apart from the famous sightseeing places and entertainment centers, Houston is a city where you will enjoy an exquisite variety of food. It is known for fantastic Tex-Mex restaurants and other fine dining options at family restaurants, cafes or street vendors. Some of them include Benjy’s, Taste of Texas, Tokyo Bowl, Goode Company Barbeque, Monarch Restaurant and Lounge, Ruggles Grill, etc.

Since the city’s public transportation system is not that efficient, you must resort to the airport transportation services, known for their highly reputable and comfortable services, for going around this vast city.

Participating in Local Festivals

It is totally understandable if you want to visit a place solely for recreation but until you take part in its local festivals and cultures, you can never completely discover the place. Houston is a vibrant city with an infectious enthusiasm and exuberance. It hosts wonderful celebrations and festivals that really bring out the vivaciousness of this city and its people. So, if you happen to visit the place during an ongoing festival such as the Bayou City Art Festival, Houston Children’s Festival, Houston Film Festival, Art Car Parade, Latino Book and Family Festival, Greek Festival, or the Texas Renaissance Festival, you must attend it. Hire the airport transportation service as soon as you land in the city for your own convenience. They provide reliable and well-aware drivers who can not only take you to the desired location but also guide you correctly about how to enjoy these festivals just like a local person.


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Author Bio: Jules Chuck is a travel blogger on Texas. Here, he writes why you must go around Houston’s beautiful locations and take part in their local festivals in Houston Airport Transportation.