How to reduce car tyre wear by adjusting driving style

If you want to keep your motoring cost low you can make some simple adjustments to your driving style in order to save money. The way you drive your car doesn’t have impact on the fuel consumption only as it can also be responsible for car tyre wear. If you are fond of fast driving and spinning the tyres this will definitely trigger a rise to your total budget on motoring cost. In this article I will be discussing about five significant ways to adjust your driving style to minimise car tyre wear.

Corner your car with care

Don’t be aggressive while cornering your car as it causes extra tear to car ttyres. By cornering one way harder than the other way you will cause your tyre uneven wear. Aggressive cornering has other adverse effects as well. Major components of suspension and steering mechanism are stressed by aggressive cornering and cause them to wear rather quickly too.

Accelerate your car gradually

Some drivers acelerate their cars from standing start and put additional wear of their car tyres. If you also have the same habit you should change it to reduce tear in the front tyre in particular that wear out much faster than the back tyres. Aside from putting stress to tyres hard acceleration also have car’s other parts strained such as;

  • Car’s gearbox
  • Car’s drive shaft

Keep speed limits in mind while driving

If you always drive at rapid speed your car tyres will wear out lot faster because high speed help rises the temparature of the tyes and cause them wear. Instead, if you drive at a moderate speed your tryres will stay in good conditions for longer period of time.

Maintain optimum level of car tyre pressure

The car tyre pressure is of utmost importance when it comes to the wear of the car tyres. If the pressure is inflated below the recommended level the tyre will wear faster because of two reasons;

  • higher temperature of tyres while operating
  • additional flexing of the rubber

On the other hand, if the inflation is over the level of recommendation that will cause wear in tyres too because the contact area between the road and tyre is decreased in that case.

If the tyres of your car have unequal pressure while driving it can lead to severe issues as it upsets the balance of the car. Furthermore, when you corner your car that consists of tyres of uneven pressure it may cause serious trouble.

Avoid braking hard

If your driving style includes braking hard you should avoid it to reduce load on front tyre and protect it from wearing faster. Hard braking also causes brake pads to wear faster so you have to steer clear of this habit unless you really have to.

Replacement of car tyres UK has become less expensive with the advent of budget tyres for most types of car. But you should still consult a tyre specialist to get advice on how to adjust driving style based on the current conditions of car tyres.

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Frank Spark currently works with a reputed car tyre retailer online. He delivers informative articles on how driving styles cause wear in car tyres.