How To Get the Most Out of Your Vacation to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a vacation destination that is on almost everyone’s radar screens, no matter what tickles your fancy for a good time. It’s a city that shows up in almost every movie, every TV show, every magazine. Many people have an impression of LA before they ever even go there. The funny thing is that LA itself is almost entirely unlike the picture you are painted by watching media. So when you come out to the West Coast to see what it’s all about, sure, you can go see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but is that really exciting, I mean, at all? I could write a celebrity’s name on a piece of paper and draw a star around it. Would you then flip a gasket? The true LA experience is nothing like that. Here’s some ways to get the most bang for your buck on your visit to the City of Angeles.

1. Rent a Car But not just Any Car

You all know that you need a car to get around LA. If you try to make do on public transportation you will be easily frustrated and annoyed and more tragically, immobile. At a los angeles car rental establishment like, you can get not only a good rental, but one with pizzazz. For not much more than a sedan rental, you can get an exotic car that will make cruising around town even more of an experience. Heck, you made it all this way, might as well have some fun – you will after all be spending most of your time in the car!

2. Come Hungry

LA is a foodie town, so if you are on a budget, scrimp and save on the museums or other such things but enjoy the incredible array of mid-priced food options and even the low price trucks. Sure you can drop a couple bills on a fancy steak, but the real appeal of LA is how many restaurants they have that are actually affordable, of all types of food. Most of the ethnic food is clumped in little areas, like Thai Town (not so little), and the Ethiopian food area on the west side, and of course Korean and Japanese. Instead of finding the best of a certain style, just go to a different area each night and find a good one. You can always use Yelp!, or you can just walk around and find one that appeals to you.

3. Explore Downtown

A lot of people come to LA and stay in Hollywood and leave with a sort of under-whelmed feeling. That’s because Hollywood and the bars and the scene you are most likely to come across in guide books are designed to appeal to what you THINK LA is going to be like. But it isn’t truly like that. That’s a fiction. Often overlooked is downtown LA. There are some great spots downtown, like the Edison, and it’s small and walkable, as compared to a larger downtown like, NYC, or pretty much any other city. There you’ll really interact with the locals and have some unique bars and delicious food to find.