Traveling to Sri Lanka: Best Places to Visit

To be fair to everybody, to be fair to all nation; I believe sri Lanka is among the best nation in terms of attraction stretching from best tropical sandy beaches to mighty and unique wild attractions, surely you will find something that will keep reminding you about this magical nation. Besides that Sri Lanka is a blessed nation when culture is concerned, their well-developed culture of love and unity among different people has led to vast development in their cuisines and the way they treat their visitors. Apart from that you will love the vast, enjoyable and unforgettable experiences provided by Sri Lanka diverse exotic adventure including riding on the elephant or visiting ancient cities found there; believe me you will be amazed with their architectural design. There are thousands of places you can visit in this nation and enjoy vast attraction found there; here is the list of some best and attractive places found in Sri Lanka.


This historical town is located in north central province of Sri Lanka. The combination of attractions found in this town is amazing, magical and unique; there is great history of this place dating back to the times of Christ, you won’t believe it, mediaeval capital dating back to 12 AD. This capital was built by succeeding ruling of mediaeval kings for more than 10 century. Beside that the kind of attraction found here is amazing and built in most sacred manner to honor Lord Buddha, there are three most beautiful Buddhism figures; one standing, one sitting and other reclining. Apart from this old age architectural design, there are plenty of nice places that you will love visiting them, here are some


located near polonnaruwa, this is amazing place you won’t believe the thinking of ancient people unless you visit. This is a massive rock commonly known as lion rock, it was hollowed into palace in 5th century. It is so unique and comprises of royal compound, halls and gates. Besides that it has a wall that reflect people when they pass commonly known as mirror wall. The rock comprises of rock summit which is about 1.5 hectares. Everything here is made of rock and you will love the kind of measurement of that time, though old it is very accurate. Other beautiful things found here include water garden, cobra cave and awesome moat. Your tour to this place doesn’t end just like that since you will be able to enjoy elephant ride just beside this rock in the Lily lake while taking amazing photos of this place. There is awesome experience enjoyed by only those who visit this place, so unless you visit you won’t.

Other places that you will enjoy visiting while in Polonnaruwa includes parakramasumudra, and Minneriya national park.


Unlike other capital cities, this has plenty of attractions which are exotic and unique. While at this city, you can visit the amazing GangaramaVihara temple and observe the diverse art made of brass and stones which also reflects Buddhism religion. Besides that there are enough museums in this city that you can visit and learn so much about Sri Lanka astonishing history. Who doesn’t want to get closer to friendly elephants and other unique wild? Surely nobody, please visit Sri Lanka zoo found in this city and notice the unique wild found there. Other amazing places that you will enjoy visiting while here include; Royal Colombo golf course, the amazing Galle face green, and the beautiful Mahavihara.

Yala national park

This is among the world best national park containing best and unique species of both flora and fauna. I am sure you love wild tour and this is the best for anyone who need combination of game activities. Located in Uva province in southern part of Sri Lanka, it is among the most visited park in this nation. Most amazing thing about it is that it enshrines the largest number of leopards in the world. Besides that it contains other 43 species of exotic mammals including Sri Lankan sloth bear, Sri Lankan elephants, water buffalo and many other species. Furthermore the kind of birds, reptiles and fish found here are so unique; you won’t find them anywhere else.

City of Kandy

This amazing city is located in the central province and it is among the best place to visit in this nation. While here, never forget to visit the royal palace of Kandy since it is spectacular with kind of attraction that it can offer to you. The palace contain the temple of the tooth; it contains two Buddha teeth, and the story about who will inherit the throne, was subjected to the possession of them. Apart from that you can also visit the Kandy Lake and Knuckle mountain range, they are really attractive.

There are so many enjoyable and highly memorable activities that you can be part of while visiting this nation, these are only few of the best places in Sri Lanka. To visit this nation you are required to apply for Sri Lanka visas online, It is easier, affordable and convenient.

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