12 Great New Cars for Families

When we talk about family cars, what comes into mind is anything to do with top notch safety features and lots of space to accommodate all family members, their luggage and all the shopping that they may get when they go out. Family safety is guaranteed when the driver has great driving skills which can be acquired by theory studies and more importantly doing the dsa practical test.


· The Honda Odyssey is a Japanese automobile that started production in 1994 and has been producing midsized minivan which have been characterized by a large interior and now production is on the 5th generation.

· The current model features more space in the 7 or 8 seater minivan, a 2.4 L engine with a fuel consumption rate of 14 km per litre, premium cradle seats and other effortless features e.g. dual sliding doors.


· The latest Chevy is an envy of many because of its advanced space and safety features that have put it on the list of most buyers.

· Chevrolet comes with a four cylinder engine and V6 with options of 2.4, 2.5 and 3.6 L with 6 speed transmission standard on all models.

· Safety isn’t left behind with airbags, rear parking sensors, backup camera, blind spot warning features and collision avoidance


· This 5-door hatchback is a car to watch because of the wonderful design and spacious interior. The 1.2 L engine provides a powerful kick to the Seat with the emissions at 87g/km.


· The Mazda 3 Fastback comes with 2.0 petrol and 2.2 diesel engine with options for both manual and automatic transmission with the diesel engine having more emissions at 104g/km.

· The car also features stylish design with great interior design, bigger boot and latest safety features.


· The Golf in its 40th year of production has advanced to the latest 7th generation with options from 1.2-2.0 L engines and transmission ranging from 5 to 7 speed and has been ranked as one of the best family vehicle because of its excellent fuel economy, safety features and driving experience.


· The latest Honda Accord features a 4 cylinder giving the engine 185 bhp, the other V6 version offers 278 bhp with continuously variable automatic transmission.

· The car is ideal with enough rear space and boot to cater for all your needs special needs like child booster.


· Chevrolet Traverse comes with a 3.6L V6 engine with 6 speed transmission as standard with very large spacious interior. If your concern is space, then this car will accommodate your space needs because it accommodates 8 people with plenty of room for passenger and luggage.

· Safety features include the backup camera, parking sensors and collision alert system.


· This compact SUV includes a standard 2.4L 4 cylinder engine offering up to 185 bhp and good gas mileage. The vehicle seats 5 people with enough leg room and good space and attachment points for child seats.


· The all-weather Subaru Forester features all-wheel drive function with an option for a turbocharged engine. The standard engine is a 2.5L 170 bhp or a turbo charged 2.0L offering 250 bhp.

· The space in the back seats is having adequate room to fit child seats compared to most family cars. The current version has camera guided cruise control which ensures safe travel.

The 2014 Jetta features 1.8 or 2.0L engines offering 115-210bhp with fuel consumption of 30 miles and 42 miles respectively to the gallon. The car has been rated very highly in crash tests

· This full hybrid electric hatchback was at one time the most economical vehicle in the world.

· The 1.8L engine provides 134bhp with fuel economy of 72 miles per gallon in town and 76 on the highway.


· The car also known as Qashqai and Dualis features a 2.5L engine offering 170 hp of power. Airbags, tire pressure monitor, traction, ABS and anti skid control are the safety features available in this vehicle.

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