Military and Civilian Car Moving Services – Don’t Forget Your Vehicle Behind

While on overseas assignments, Military men are offered moving services for their Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) at discounted rates. Here are some rules you need to be familiar with, while delivering your automobile to a shipping harbor:

General Items to Carry

  • You must have the Vehicle Identification Number.
  • In case of leased vehicle, a written agreement from the finance company is needed to move it.
  • Ensure that you have an authentic ID card, license, and proof of ownership.
  • Keys with a duplicate set are required. One set for you and the other one for the shipping brood.
  • Your agent should have appropriate civilian testimony. Other necessary documents needed to ship your POV must be carried along.

Ensure the following points

  1. The vehicle should have less than 1/4 tank of the fuel.
  2. Switch off all anti-theft devices in it.
  3. Consider the mileage of your POV at the time of turning-in.
  4. It is possible that your vehicle might be exposed to freezing degrees while shipment, so it will be better to secure it by antifreeze solution that will protect it to about minus 20 degrees.
  5. You will be handed with a copy of DD Form 788, also termed as Private Vehicle Shipping Document, as a receipt slip for your vehicle. It will be useful while picking up you car.
  6. Before bringing your vehicle to the port, ensure that it is clean and in safe and sound condition.
  7. You can even keep your personal things in it. However, make a list of those items, so that you can verify them at the time of receiving it at your desired destination.
  8. Undercoating or applying rust protection on it before shipping would be a great idea, because conditions in some areas might not be favorable for your vehicle.
  9. An inspector will examine it with you. Record all the damages in the form given to you, named as DD Form 788. You need to agree to all conditions and liability statements mentioned on its reverse side, before signing it.
  10. Hand over your destination location, contact number, and email address so that you will be informed once your vehicle is all set for a pickup.
  11. You need to pick it up within 45 days, after the arrival notification date otherwise you might end up paying storage expenses for it.


Check for Any Damage Done To Your Vehicle


While you pick your vehicle, examine it carefully according to the following points:


  • Examine its interior and exterior to check if any damage is caused.
  • Ensure that the things left in it at the VPC are at their safe place.
  • In case you notice any dent or scratch, list them all in the DD Form. If you fail to describe it, you might get no payment for it.

To conclude, if you are an active duty service member, you can ship your POV at no cost at all. The above guidelines will definitely help you while relocating. They can slightly vary depending on whether you hold a position in Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps. You can learn more about it by visiting the website,

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