Most Extreme Sports to Discover In Marmaris with Family

The Port Town

Marmaris, a port town and a tourist resort located on the Mediterranean coast south west of Turkey. It is located along the Turkish Rivera shoreline. Marmaris generates its income mainly through tourism. Due to its location along the shoreline, it has a great charm that has remained over the years and has continuously attracted tourists. Marmaris boasts several major and minor marinas that are part of the major tourist attractions. Sailing and diving are part of the main activities that are popular in Marmaris. If you love sailing or diving then Marmaris is the place to visit. Several extreme sports await you and your family in Marmaris.


If you are truly an adrenaline junky then you must try parasailing in Marmaris, it’s a truly thrilling and fun activity to try out, and it’s professionally done and safe. Even for the most seasoned extreme sports men and women you will enjoy the adrenaline rush that goes with flying over the Aegean Sea in a parachute. The prices are extremely fair and the services very friendly. The excitement is sure and the fun and adrenaline rush will keep you going the whole day.

Sport Fishing

For those who have always loved sports fishing from a distance and have tried several times without luck, try it out one more time. A catch is assured in these waters. Sport fishing will keep you engaged for hours on end and darkness will come as a surprise to you. To enjoy fishing trips ensure you get a good boat and a good captain. Do not go it alone, fish with friends or join groups that seem interesting and engaging. The fishing trips are fairly priced and you can organize to have meals as you do the fishing. It sure is a great way to send your day.

Reverse Bungy Jumping

Some sports are not meant for the faint hearted. Reverse bungy jump is done safely and the machines are inspected on a daily basis but this is not an assurance that you might not faint from the extremity of the jump. Reverse bungy jumping involves being strapped in a cage that is then pulled to the ground and then released to shoot up the air like a rocket. Only those who are sure they can handle the adrenaline rush should try this. It sure is as scary as it could be.

Banana Boat Rides

It is one soft and seemingly lazy way to enjoy a day with your entire family and friends. It may seem lazy and easy but the balancing act on the banana boat might be a little tricky and fun for those who are trying it out for the first time. The banana boats are readily available in almost all the resorts and hotels in Marmaris. A ride with the whole family including the young children can be extremely fun and enjoyable. Ensure all have their safety gear, especially those who might not be good swimmers. Visa Turkish is a must so ensure you have your Turkish visa in time so as to enjoy the extreme sports in Marmaris.

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