Speed Humps and other Speed Control Devices

Nothing slows traffic quite like a speed hump. Whether they are permanently installed in a road or added temporarily to a parking facility, speed humps slow traffic because they make people drive slowly. Drivers often find them to be a nuisance though.

There are some cases where installing a safety hump permanently is not an option. Fortunately, there are many other options that do not require the use of asphalt. Safety speed humps come in a variety of different materials, like steel and rubber. They can be placed in one location and bolted down, or they can simply be set in place without any secure bolts. The idea is that the bold black and reflective yellow stripes get the driver’s attention and encourage the driver to slow down and become more aware of his surroundings.

If you do not want to install a speed hump, you can install a slightly different speed control device. In locations where it is important for drivers to slow down on a certain part of the road, rumble strips can be installed. These are low profile rubber strips in reflective yellow that are placed a few apart so that drivers can feel the bump and hear the rumble when they drive over them. They can be used anywhere that drivers need to be made aware of their surroundings, like busy neighborhoods, parking lots, and other pedestrian areas.

Parking separators are another form of speed humps. These are designed to keep people’s cars at an appropriate distance from each other. They are also designed so that people do not speed through parking lots when they are empty. Parking separators are usually made of heavy duty rubber so they are easy to move and to install with concrete attachment pieces.

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