Traffic Bollards

Vehicle production has increased significantly, which in turn has caused increase in traffic. In order to control traffic problems, different safety measures are being taken.

Bollards are the most cost effective and common security measures of all. The best thing about these posts is that they can be installed in every sector and re- decorated to match the surrounding environment. Plus, removable bollardsare available too in the market that give you the benefit of temporary installation.

Why Are They Used?
The main purpose of using these posts is to minimize the accident ratio. In case an accident occurs, the passengers will face fewer injuries. That is why they are installed in such places where collision with this barrier will not affect the subsequent vehicles.

Moreover, they are used on the roads to prevent illegal parking and to manage the traffic by directing the course for vehicles and pedestrians. The function of these posts depends on the type of material they are made of and its attachment to the ground. For example, retractable and removable bollards are generally used in parking areas of offices and stores;safety bollards made up of concrete or metal are used for protection purposes.

Modern Bollards
Generally, the posts used for traffic purposes are brightly coloured so as to make them prominent among the various coloured vehicles. But new lighting posts have been introduced which are very helpful in controlling traffic and providing directions at night. These posts are usually powered by batteries.It requires maintenance as batteries need to be changed every now and then.

Lighting posts powered by solar photovoltaic cells are also being used .These are very cost effective and can work continuously without running out. They store solar energy and transmit light during the night.This source of energy is beneficial for the environment

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