Essential Features to Turn Your Ride into a Bond Car

James Bond has solidified his position as one of the most iconic and the coolest characters in history. One of the aspects about Bond which is incredibly popular is his long list of cars. It is only normal that many people would try to emulate their passion for Bond and his cars by setting up their own vehicles to look and act like cars worthy of Agent 007. Here are some features that your very own Bond car must include.

1. Soft Top

Not all of Bond’s cars have been convertibles so it does not look like having a soft top car is a must. However, if you want to look as cool and suave as possible, there is nothing better than to be driving around with the top down in a stylish automobile.


2. Ejector Seat

There are companies out there you can hire to install an ejector seat in your car, even if it is just for show. This is an item which people immediately associate with James Bond, even if he did not use it that often. Since this relationship is deeply ingrained into the public consciousness, the ejector seat becomes a must-have item for any true Bond car.


3. Mini Bar

Since your car cannot be fitted with missiles, cloaking devices or any of the other gadgets Bond receives from M, you will have to settle for something else. Apart from being a resourceful secret agent and a hit with the ladies, James Bond is also known to like a drink every now and then. Therefore, there is no other way to honor 007 than by having a mini bar in your car.


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