Is vesping convenience of new technologies?

Vesping combines the romance and beauty of this means of transport with the convenience of new technologies. Vesping, the new frontier of tourism combines romance and modern technology that allows you to offer creative and original solutions.

Discover Barcelona on a Vespa! The beauty and benefits of this dynamic two-wheeler with a satellite navigation system is that you are free to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Organize your day in Barcelona free of schedules, taxis or buses. Choose from several tours to the most beautiful places in the city to discover.

The Barcelona GPS tours gives you a guided tour in different languages ​​and instructions on where to go, allowing you to see the sights ” on your own ” how to drive , but with your own Knight Rider KITT style car give you the navigation – cool! Barcelona divides the privilege of Go car with only a handful of world cities such as Lisbon, Miami, San Diego and San Francisco. The second brand-new arrival and worth mentioning is Barcelona glides. However, the steering controls movement of the wheels, such a kind of motorcycle. It is so difficult without actually seeing one, or using one explains. It’s almost like the wheels are an extension of the legs and a slight flick of the wrist makes you move. This really is a sight and tours give you an amazing insight into the inner city and the surrounding area – and you do not even need to take a step!

Many cities around the world have open top tourist buses, perhaps copy of the infamous red London buses. I usually avoid these buses, as it is much more fun your own way of working to a city.

Whether you believe the legend or not, one thing is undeniable. Barcelona is a major force in the European climate, and is an important contribution to the enrichment of our world. In Barcelona, you can Beaches, parks and historic sites that as far back visit to the Roman Empire and beyond come. With Barcelona guided travel tours, you can anything that has this huge city has to offer, which most of the time, dollars, and experience. Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Europe. There are many beautiful buildings, museums, zoo, and many other things that will keep you busy when you are in town. But apart from these, there are some of the natural beauty and the natural places that offer you a tranquil and serene refuge from the hustle and bustle of a modern city like Barcelona. So if you are planning a Barcelona tour, it’s important that you consider these places as part of your journey.

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