How to Buy a Bike?

Prior to buying a bike, there are some questions you should answer in order to decide which bike to buy. Only after you have answered these questions will you be ready to buy a bike that would suit and fit your needs. So get a pencil and a piece of paper and let’s get these steps out of the way.

Start by writing down your requirements for your future bike. These requirements include the facts such as; will you be riding it on streets, on hills or taking it for long tours? What is the terrain you plan on riding the bike? If you plan on riding on rough terrain you might need a mountain bike but if you plan on using it for commuting, then a road bike will be preferable.

Once you have decided if you want a mountain or a road bike, you need to decide your expertise level. Are you an expert rider, an intermediate, or a beginner? You will need this information to choose the right bike. Once you have decided on a bike based on all the above information, next step is finding the right bike shop.

You can find a local shop or you can search for bikes online. It depends on your preference. Online shops usually have a larger variety of bikes and offer better prices but this is not always the case, as some local shops also have an online bike store. This makes it better as you can choose a bike from the website and ask them to arrange the bike so you can have a look and test it out before making a final purchase. This can only happen if the online shop is based in your area, so make sure the shop you select has a local existence.

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