How Best to Maintain Your New Car

Congratulations, you have just purchased a new car. Okay, admittedly this blog is catered for a relatively niche market – or is it? The automotive market is booming in the UK, reaching levels not seen since we entered the dark and gloomy recession. One of the main reasons for this surge of consumer confidence is due to increasingly competitive finance plans; even those with a less than perfect credit history can still acquire car credit with the options provided by But that is beside the point, if you have taken advantage of this thriving market and bought a new set of wheels then you’ll realise first hand that nothing beats that sparkling, clean look of a new car. It’s a feel that any car owner wants to keep for as long as possible. To help you achieve this, I have designed a list compromising of four simple steps for cleaning your car.

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Use Specialist Car Cleaning Products

We all aim to find cost effective solutions to spare us expense, however when it comes to cleaning your car I highly advise to avoid short-cuts and purchase the right cleaning materials for the job. Using household cleaning products on your car will end up causing damage that will cost far more to repair then it would just buy the correct products. Not only will the specialist cleaning agents enhance the look of your car, but they often contain ingredients designed to fight specific automotive problems.

Don’t Use Ammonia on Windows

The use of ammonia will have a dire effect on your car windows. Many of the glass-cleaning agents you find at home use ammonia due to its strong properties in removing stains on glass surface, but ammonia is so strong that it can actually damage the windows on your car. Many cars come with tinted windows; ammonia will erase this tinted effect resulting in your extra investment going down the drain. Specially formulated glass cleaners for cars do not contain ammonia and still possess the same cleaning power.

Park in the Shade

Washing your car with the sun beating down upon you may seem like the perfect way to make the monotonous task that much more enjoyable, however it could mean all your efforts were ultimately for nothing. The sun may dry out cleaning products too fast for them to have the desired effect, therefore I recommend to park in the shade to ensure that your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly and not subject to the elements of nature.

Clean Your Car 2-4 Times per Month

You finally have your car gleaming, but don’t feel this is the end – far from it. To keep your car in tiptop condition you really should aim to wash it two to four times per month. Cars get incredibly dirty in a very short period of time, it may seem excessive to clean your car so often but I can assure you that it’s more than worth the time. Most people tend to clean their cars every couple of months, but this requires a highly-aggressive clean to remove the deep-seated layered on dirt – you can prevent this build-up by cleaning it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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