How to Improve Your Automotive Business through Online Marketing

There are various approaches that you can make so that your business improves through online marketing. With the growth and advancement in the field of science and technology, any business that would wish to not only remain in the market but also remain competitive is required to go online. The evolution of the world and adoption of modern technology by cars customers is also another compelling factor to online marketing. For our case let us consider face book way of online marketing:

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 Introduce games with your fellow face book user


This could come up after you have established strong links with your clients and colleagues.

It involves asking funny questions which need not be automotive related but if they are present the better it is since you will be reminding them about your product.


The game should be as much interesting as possible so that there is a heated discussion which is generated.


You are required to express a lot of creativity, fairness and fun.


Some of the things you would look for include the type of radio station in the new car model, name of any artist own a car garage.



Have a literature simple exercise that is interactive


A face book account help the user share his/her mind with his/her friends.

By developing a challenging exercise you make the other user more interactive since each one of them will always endeavour to fill the expectations of that exercise.


Let the exercise make the other users feel that they are part and parcel of what you want to discuss so that you get positive and numerous comments.


By involving your colleagues and calling them to discuss, you don’t only create more ties but also create an urge in them to have the product you are discussing about.


For instance, the exercise could be a small prose like this: My first best car model was…. It was…cc. Its colour was… and was from… company.


Provide good link to relevant and useful information

Whenever you come across any new and relevant information, you need to update it.

Such information includes the coming of a new auto-mobile law that will be effected in the near future.

You can comment on the new information and expound it to your customers if you are a profession in that field.


In doing so, you are able to win them together with their loyalty hence you end up establishing a strong customer base.

Update your account with relevant and captivating pictures

Generally, people like to see pictures and use of picture posts has proved to be a great technique of attracting people’s attention.


You are expected to update your account with eye-catching pictures that will not only attract your customers but also their friends hence they end up discovering they ought to buy from you.


For example, you can post a picture of a cat comfortably sleeping on your car and near it there is a rat playing with its young ones and request people to guess on the magic.


Use simple questions that are not biased


Here you can ask general questions that are not hard to answer.

Always endeavour to avoid political and religious questions since they may bring hot indifference while online. The discussion may cause a fall of your business.

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