Top 4 Car Maintenance Blunders You should Avoid

Summer is the travelling time for. It’s time for holidays and vacations and you must be making a lot of journey with your beloved and trusty vehicle. Your vehicle can be your best mate in travel, if you take care of it and follow proper maintenance rules.

With innovations and technological developments, car maintenance has reached new level and the latest and modern cars require different kind of maintenance regime. However, many people have still not adjusted with the new maintenance rules and often commit some mistakes. Nowadays, car maintenance is scheduled at long intervals, but still this schedule has to be followed to extend the life of your car. However, many car owners commit certain mistake in their maintenance.

What are these maintenance mistakes? Are you also committing these same mistakes? Just check it out.

Proper Tire Rotation and Inflation


Changing the Rear and Front Tires Levels Wear Out

Leakage of tires is a common issue faced by all car owners quite often and so, tires have to be checked occasionally. Underinflated as well as overinflated tires wear out faster and hence, they need emergency handling. Now, you do not have to check the pressure of the tire monthly but you should do it at least twice every year. But many car owners do not do that also.

Do you know that rear and front tires wear differently? Hence, you should rotate the tires so that the wear becomes even.

Oil Changing Time

After every 3000 miles, oil changing is a necessary task. Just as you clean up the accumulated dust from defrosted freezers similarly, you should do this. Latest advancements in lubricants and engine design allow you to change oil according to the schedule and not when you wish to do it. In some cars, oil change might have to be done after 5000 miles while in other cars, oil change has to be done after every 15000 miles.


Car Maintenance should be Done under Expert Guidance

Don’t forget to follow the particular schedule of your car. Every car doesn’t have the same schedule. So, don’t make the mistake to generalize all the schedules.

Ignoring the Brakes

Car owners are generally unconscious about the brakes. When the brakes behave abnormally, that is, there is some typical response, feel or sound from the brakes, you should immediately visit the mechanic for some repairing or maintenance.

Tired Tires

Tires not only wear out, they also expire after a certain period of time. It is upon the ozone conditions, sunlight and heat that the life of a tire depends. Until and unless the tires get “tired”, car owners do not pay hid to them. So, you have to remember the age of your tire so that you can have a safe journey with your family. However, if you don’t remember the age of your tire, it is better to an expert in a tire shop, who can read the date code in the sidewalls.


Check the Age of Your Tire at Frequent Intervals

Conclusion:- These are only a few tips that can save you from drastic downfall of your car. Proper maintenance at stipulated time ensures you have a safe and happy travelling with your family.

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Summary: Owning a car requires a lot of care and maintenance. If you fail to take care of your car, it will not take care of you and you might hit with an accident.


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