How to get a Formula One Grand Prix Package?

Did you plan a vacation this time and that you want to escape your schedule and daily monotony and get lost in the crowd of the world? Are you the type of person that enjoys speed and racing and love to challenge your limits? Well, you can consider yourselves to be in luck after you can purchase a Grand Prix Package for yourself.

You might want to plan your vacation around the Formula One Grand Prix races to make sure that you not only get an amazing vacation but you also get to participate in the Grand Prix crowd and cheer for your favorite driver and the team!

But you need to know the right kind of travel agent or agencies that can help you to get those Grand Prix packages that you wanted for your vacation. Remember, you are not the first one in the queue and that there are prior bookings to such world class championships. There are also many competitions and offers that go along with the championships that are simply meant for luring fans and followers – not to mention immense media coverage and lots of sponsorship from big names across the world.

So, you want to be there to cheer for your favorite team and so you need to get the right guidance that can help you to right game and give you a gala time as you feel your pulse speed up with the cars that are flying around at break neck speed.


  • Go to the Formula One page and to the Travel Package. You can get the package that you want or you can even create your own package with the right kind of features that you like.
  • Enter the parameters like which race you want to watch with hotels, cars and flight information. Combine all these services and you can save a huge expenditure. You can also select package options that are available on the website.
  • Contact a Grand Prix tour services company. They will help you in arranging your trip and will also give you the best of all services and a true value to your money and help with the planning that you are so much worried about.
  • Find out exactly what all things are parts of the package. Many offer 3 or 4 nights stay in hotel, complimentary breakfast, transporting and a gift package. This might run around to a thousand dollars and that might not include your flight expenses.
  • Know if you might want to splurge a bit on yourself. Come on what are some additional features after all! Some tour companies might be offering attractive packages like pit lane access, gourmet meals, executive suite seating, VIP parking and entertainment.

Know out of all these packages what suits the best for you and you might be able to just have that dream vacation that you have been planning in a long time for yourself. If nothing, it is a wonderful getaway!

Author Bio: Cody Perez is a Formula One fan apart from being a coach to the local basketball team. In spare times, he plays the guitar and also has a major in automobile engineering and learning the anatomy of cars is his most favorite hobby of all.

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