How you can avoid car shipping fraud?

car shippingMany of us have to get our cars shipped to distant places at one time or the other due to some reasons, i.e. job transfer, shifting of residence or the business. Shipping companies make this process convenient by booking the cars for onward shipment to the requisite destinations for which certain procedures and documentation have to be done. Sometimes, people are defrauded while getting their vehicles shipped. Few tips, if followed sincerely can prove helpful to avoid such frauds.

Engage reputed shipping company – It is recommended that only the companies with high status of reputation are engaged for car shipping of your cars. Help from the known people may be sought for searching a shipping company that renders reliable services. Local newspapers and internet can also of great use for this purpose. Do not bother much about the rates as some fraudulent operators may deceive you by offering lower rates but it may prove harmful as later on they may deceive you through dishonest actions. The information regarding shipment of the car may be revealed by them to the unscrupulous persons who are always there to commit crimes. It is wise to book the companies that are registered with the concerned authorities for shipment of vehicles. It is a secure method to avoid shipping scams as in the event of any dispute, the case can be taken to the court.

Information regarding the Driver – It is advised that the personal particulars of the driver carrying your car to the destination are obtained. His name, address and contact details must be received before making the initial payment to the company for shipping the car.

When shipping your cars overseas, do follow the guidelines in connection with proper documentation for the entire process.

License, Registrations and Insurance – The companies engaged for shipping of the vehicles overseas are required to be registered. Their documents must be verified properly. They must pay the insurance charges on your behalf for shipment of the car to avoid any complication in the event of any damage etc. Moreover, the international shipping companies for vehicles are duly licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission. Do check the same in case you are shipping the car across the frontiers of your province. Never go in for the local truckers who may allure you with reduced charges but may render very poor services, putting your vehicle to lot of damages.

Get everything in black & white – Before making any payment to the shipping company for shipment of your car, get everything in written as later on they may ask you more payment or other unnecessary formalities putting you to great inconvenience apart from financial burdens. The quote provided by the shipping company must include port of dispatch of the shipper, destination for shipment, door pick up & delivery charges, loading and other charges etc. All the aspects related to shipping of your car must be inked out before handing over the vehicle and making any payment. A shipping contract draft is the best alternative to avoid any dispute at later on.


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