The Lexus LFA Supercar: seeing is believing

After a decade of research, design and sheer dedication, the team at Lexus finally unveiled the world class LFA Supercar in late 2009. Powered by a V10 engine capable of delivering top speeds of 202 mph, coupled with class-defining handling and ride perfection, this is a beast of a machine. The striking performance is complemented by its astonishing visual impact: the Lexus LFA Supercar is one sexy looking piece of kit. Sleek, refined, and visually stunning, has there ever been a better looking supercar?

Let’s delve a little deeper.

Work on the Supercar started around the turn of the new Millennium, as the design team at Lexus sought to enhance their considerable reputation by producing the ultimate driving machine. Early prototypes offered glimpses of the future potential, with a 2005 aluminium-framed model unveiled in Detroit. Refined models appeared at trade shows in 2007 and 2008 before the team finally settled on the production version in 2009.

From the bespoke 4.8 litre engine which affords 552 bhp to a unique shell created from Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), everything about this car oozes class. At low rpm, it handles well and is surprisingly quiet, yet open it up beyond 6,000 rpm and the sound is akin to that produced by Vettel and Hamilton’s F1 machines. Handling is precise and exciting, affording the sort of driving experience many dream about but few ever realise.

Driving the LFA is great fun, thanks in part to the 6 speed gearbox which powers the rear wheel drive. The 48/52 front/rear weight distribution is beautifully managed, with the ‘tough yet lightweight’ chassis, some 100kg lighter than aluminium, keeping the overall weight to a minimum, and helping to deliver the astonishing performance. 0-60 can be reached within 3.7 seconds, while those concerned about individuality can customise dozens of cosmetic features on their own model. The day of supercars “only available in red” has long gone …

The Lexus LFA Supercar has been a labour of love for the design teams: every facet has been uniquely designed, engineered, and then re-engineered to perfection. Aesthetically beautiful inside and out, the LFA Supercar is a petrol head’s dream brought to life. From the fluid and dynamic TFT driver display to the frankly gorgeous curves afforded by the CFRP shell, this machine is as stunning to look at as it is to drive. The cabin is wonderfully stylish, with sweeping curves aplenty. There is absolutely nothing ordinary about this car. The Volkswagen Polo it is not!

With a production limit of just 500 and a release of 20 examples per month up to the final models in December 2010, you’re not likely to see many of these knocking about – if you do see one, you’ll be watching it disappear into the distance. Inspired by the LFA, Lexus’ latest models, the brand new IS and the very first IS hybrid, will roll out across dealerships such as Inchcape Lexus Nottingham during 2013. Be part of the Lexus revolution now.

Author Bio: Cathy John is a freelance journalist, who bought her car off the forecourt at Inchcape Lexus Nottingham . She can often be found cruising about on the roads around Nottingham. John he doesn’t own an LFA Supercar.

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