Are you purchasing a Used Car from an Individual? Use a Clever and Secure Approach

It is quite common for people to sell their used cars. This is often a good way in which interested buyers can get amazing deals.

However, extreme caution should be taken when making such deals since there is no legal protection that covers such transactions at the licensed used car dealership in Mason, Chevrolet dealer or any other car dealers. This leaves the door open wide for different forms of car related fraud such as the installation of low mileage and the sale of salvaged vehicles in other states. As such, you should strive to make an informed purchase decision.

Here below are recommendations that will assist you in identifying a genuine individual car seller.

1. Look up the Phone Number Online

Although most phone numbers issued by call forwarding services are difficult to trace, a quick web search for the number listed on the advertisement will reveal whether it is a number that has been used to sell any other vehicle recently. In case it has – beware!

2. Spying Around

Since the they often have a good number of cars that are up for sale, many make use of special software programs to solve several internet based ads simultaneously. As a result of this, the listings will appear very close together if you are viewing the ads in a chronological manner. So, it is advisable to call the number of the listing above and below the ad that interests you. If you notice the same person is answering, then this is a sign of a curbstone.

3. Avoid Revealing Too Much Detail

Once you make a call, one smart move is to say that you are calling specifically about the car. In case the seller responds by saying, which one – then ask yourself how many individuals have more than one car they are offering for sale at a time.

True, people relocate for various reasons and the car buffs downsize the collection of vehicles they have, which could be why a person could be selling more than one car at the same time. However, if the seller is dealing with several kinds of car models at a go, then this should be worrying.

4. Find out if the Seller is the Actual Owner

When you make a call on the number in the listing, ask the owner about the age of the car. If the person is not certain about this, then there is cause to worry. This simply means that the seller is not informed about the car.

5. Confirm the Address

Although you will notice that some of the genuine private sellers are reluctant to meet prospective buyers in their homes because of security reasons, the car owner’s address should be on the title and registration. Never hand over money on an individual car sale before you have confirmed the address of the seller. You may even drive to the listed address just to make confirmations since you would rather be safe than sorry.

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