Vital Information on Selling Your Insurance Write Off

There are various kinds of car accidents take place almost every day. However, whether it is a dreadful accident or not, if your car is seriously damaged then it is sure that time has come to ask for pay back from the insurer. After the completion of all the necessary formalities when you get the payment then the broken car is nothing but a scrap which you must would want to get rid of. At that time you would definitely take a decision of selling your insurance write off at considerably a good price. There are various large organizations available that deal with such damaged cars and car parts.

Negotiate well with the insurer

After purchasing a car the first thing the owners do is contacting an insurance company. Though the terms and conditions of different companies vary but there are certain common things that can never be modified –

  • Firstly, it is clearly mentioned in the documents made for your car if your vehicle is damaged due to a road accident then you would be entitled to get an amount from the is insurance company.
  • Another common feature is all the insurance companies will have a clause clearly stating that looking at the condition of the damaged car the amount will be decided.
  • Whether the accident took place due to your negligence or someone else is responsible for the same, you will be given the insurance cover if the car or its parts are affected.

However, in reality when the client is in need of the cover in most of the cases the companies start with offering such a minimum amount that the client neither can use it for repairing the vehicle nor can buy a new branded one. Looking at the same the association of the British Insurers came to a conclusion few years back that the car insurance companies would have to offer something that is equivalent to the value of the car after its accident.

Insurers are well aware that after losing your vehicle you would definitely be in search of another one. Hence, they keep on negotiating with a lesser amount. They know that you cannot waste enough time on the same and finally you would succumb to their decision. In this situation you would need to take the following steps –

  • You must not readily accept the amount they have agreed to pay you. It is very important to make an extensive research which would give you an exact idea about the value of your vehicle in the market at present.
  • Keep an eye on the newspapers where advertisements for cars with similar condition are given. It would give you a clear idea of what actually you can get from the insurer.

Selling insurance write off

Even after getting the insurance amount if you feel that enough money is not available with you to purchase a new car of the same or similar brand then the next option is selling your insurance write off. There are many such companies that deal with the damaged car parts and engines and offer a good amount to the clients. Consolidating the whole amount you would be able to buy a car of similar condition or even better. Additionally, these companies also make you tension free as the damaged car which is of no you use for you after getting the insurance cover is taken away by them.

It is very important to have basic idea about these companies and how they serve their clients. As much as you bargain your chances for getting the most deserving amount increase too.

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