Rental Turned to Owner

A sad the befallen a good friend, although not the kind of sad time that you simply feel it is a shame about. He only agreed to be moving on from Chicago, after a good 10 year run of fun here. He would be a bit sad, mostly because of his impending departure – he’d lived in LA for nearly ten years which is looking for a change of pace, some type of time to discover himself to see the world. Can’t say I’m not jealous. I’ll be stuck inside my dead end job while he’s exploring new lands, eating new foods, meeting new people, and going almost off grid and being true to himself. Alas. At any rate, he to sell his car before he left and the man still needed wheels so he got a rental. He picked me in a Versa, and I was immediately struck with how clean and comfortable it was, and zippy too. We drove it for the super market to acquire supplies for that send off BBQ we had arrived having. While the coals were preparing, I hopped onto my laptop and went to to see simply how much a Versa applies to – in fact he was simply renting it and had no idea about retail cost. I was impressed so I went within the next day to Nissan of Fontana and started picking mental performance of the sales representatives to see if it genuinely was possible to get a new car. I wasn’t necessarily hunting for a new one however also was ready for an opportunity myself, and also since I can’t grab and move to South America like my buddy, I can get a new car, one that’s better on fuel efficiency and going to be more reliable. I’m really grateful for the people at Fontana Nissan because of pressuring me a lot of and allowing me to start out to explore the idea of getting a new car.

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