Girona, North East Spain

Jiro’s major festivals until now the biggest two weeks (from late October to early November), sustained in late October to November 5 Sant Narcis de fire. It is the patron saint of the city known locally as the ‘Paris’ Saint’ Narcis, named after the

Catalina sister’s Old Town (Old Town) in Ajuntament of the Giro or the Town Hall in front of the building and the opening ceremony of the evening to be very crowded. You’re our kids being marched through the streets, and about 12 feet tall, huge visitors Frankenstein-like ancestor in a wheeled huge numbers were!

Numerous market stalls crop up in every city Placa de Independencia book and cured meats, sausages, grungy, produced artisan food stalls selling cakes in the same area. We bought delicious chocolate cheesecake and mixed fruit skewers dipped in chocolate.

Completely or even a long, wide road of the Parc de la Devesa and rides for all ages height above the plane trees towering giant rotating wheels or with the ‘eye’ weekend until the early hours taken over by a giant fairground sales.

La Copa is a large empty space at the north end of the park to the different band most of the night playing with the big stage set warm food and beverages for sale surrounded by numerous law marriage.

Residents ‘barracks’ or ‘Las Baracas’ see this place. It is run by each food shack or profit benefits, seems to support the local school. When I went on a cold October night, young people busy.

See human sexuality at 9:00 pm We are also one of the festival days must perform that AMD is very beautiful – I went to the bottom of the steps of the Cathedral. They make a small child of ten people can clamber up to the top in the very last person standing on each other’s shoulders. Cathedral staircase column ‘walk’ human thermal Once assembled!

Many other festivals and other events dotted around the city, as well as on weekends, is the largest arts and crafts market on November 1, is located in the Old Town (Old Town). There are many shops selling paintings and jewelry.

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  1. Festivals are always delighted to take part. In traditional festivals there are many things to teach for kids and they show us our own culture and its importance.

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