Things to See and Do in Girona

Jiro first trip to Spain is a great place to visit. Quite attractive, is a city in its own right, is a good place. Landed on the street near the Barcelona because some people here. However, if you are going to take you on a trip to Spain, you can easily here the first day and night can be sent.

That you visit the city museum. Have one in the art of movie theaters in archeology. Museu de Cinema in Spain, the only one of its kind is one. Has until recently developed features exhibits that date back 1,970 years as

Precisely this three museum you can take a day or so to fully audited. Then an attractive place to visit and sit in the city which is a lively square. So that you can enjoy the warm cafe environment while also watching the world go by chic cafes and bars all around the place. Recommended Square, the plaza de la Independencia) and Plaza Catalunya (Plaça del Viola. Placa del Catedral on this another good place.

Then this is the title if you want a convenient way to get the Barcelona car rental services Giro. Distance of one hundred km from Girona airport in Spain. Must drive around one hour. Barcelona is certainly Girona (Girona) and see around this basis, such as the range of your journey will be, however, is not necessary.

Measured in the whole of Europe yisip sam m in the most Gothic nave in the cathedral Then you can go to. It is a beautiful structure, and are definitely worth a visit. Can be only when you climb 96 steep steps to reach the Cathedral (Cathedral). In fact, the architecture of the 17th century, the Baroque style. Cathedral itself again, the road was built in the 14th century, Gothic, Baroque style of the Roman and Catalan good mix.

The cathedral, museums and monasteries. Has The museum displays the date of the 13th century, up to 10 absolutely amazing and interesting items worth a visit.

Of the archeology of the Passeig – right next to the Cathedral (Cathedral) is another great site. It is at first sight … to hypnotize you geoldaeul of the garden is a beautiful set of confidence.

Eglesia de Sant Feliu you should visit while in Girona (Girona) Another major cultural attractions. Pujada de Sant Feliu 14-17th century and the church can check built between The church following Feliu of Africa No other grave than to be something that was built on top of.

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