Girona North East Spain

Jiro Three Kings religious festival started around January 5 and will be a year worth Girona (Girona) If at the time. A long procession starts from the large square Plaça Catalunya, Plaça Catalunya and the wind for some time in the future Jiro’s modern way around. Passed to a hotel in the city center Carlamany you can enjoy in a good position to compete for local residents with tight streets get to we got him.

Participating people dressed in a variety of outfits, and we saw the fire animals. Mimic the horse-drawn cart to the new born baby Jesus the gift gajyeodaeul gift laden. He passed each ‘king’ own elegantly decorated chariot bunch of kids waiting eagerly outstretched arm to throw a handfull of sweets.

Jiro’s Easter (Setmana Santa).
It is Spain’s other cities and villages in fact, here to see more than during the Easter period, but it still attracts many residents, that can
Is the most important thing that you can see during the Easter period Jiro’s procession from the Cathedral on Friday at 10 PM Easter (Processo del Sant Enterrament). Goes through this way, the path and around the Old Town (Old Town). In the cathedral approximately two hours after the Catalanya refinished. The entire program picked up leaflets from the tourist office.

Roman soldiers, some riding gotten dressed to step out of the way, the military junta de Confraries de Girona (Girona) belonging to the ‘Confraria’ cone-headed. About a dozen each of the various types of ‘Confraria wearing the’ cone-shaped, all different colors gowns and head dresses exist. We have to pass through the quiet streets all add to the atmosphere in the (old) town watched. Members of each group is pushing a heavy cart along the narrow road, showing the statue of Christ, some bare feet.

I was told to be moved to Thursday Easter also another good place to learn ‘Dansa Macabra’ is probably the city is unmissable held Escala, Verges, start it at 10pm.

Sant Jordi (Diada de Sant Jordi) on April 23 festival.
The patron saint of Catalunya (Catalunya), and the streets, especially in the Old Town (Old Town) Girona (Girona) La Rambla (Rambla), the book and is full of shops selling roses to time. Traditional people to their partners is to provide one of the roses, and the women of the book.

Sant Juan June23rd Festival.
Local residents around the big bangs and continuous Le overnight and the sound of the rockets and fireworks in the early hours of time to make.

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