Rental Cars in Spain

Can tell the difference if you rent a car in another country, they just price, but how well or badly maintained without I have to rent a car in several places in Europe, and the United States, but undoubtedly by some of the Mediterranean countries, until now the worst.

Car Rental in Spain

The first time you rent a car in Spain you can have an impact. Received halo car of the same level in the UK, you do not expect. We went to Spain last week stay. Us so that you can receive from Alicante airport car rental reservations in advance. Rental companies us we were there four kinds, as was very convenient for a free upgrade.

When we arrived in the parking lot in order to receive the key to the appearance of our cars Citroen Berlingo van we saw was a bit on the car was sliding passenger door difficult to close the case, there are many One of the rear light cover was broken. All of this had numerous scratches on the panel. Oh, and sometimes we be able to know that we are coming to a stop and cut into is.

Be powered off for the first time, we’ve mentioned the car check out all the scratches and scratches to the woman them she truly was. Before everyone probably too many to list there would have been.

There are more rules, we reports on the status of some of the other rental car was not an exception. We did not expected to see the warning, so to use a car from the British car.

As for the price, we at the beginning of September for a week, around 140 pounds did. Online booking, and details in the UK, we organize the British company had to pay. Season £ 100 pounds less than 200, expect to pay peak season. Has a large effect on the availability of the car price for a week, is from a rental car company, including a full tank of diesel they are used., We use the car to use a half tank. ‘Empty’ again you are expected to have a car, so I guess we did not use anti-tank (paid in advance).

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